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(This page will be used to make comments about the study course each week.)

Let me encourage visitors to take a second to take our eschatology polls on what model of eschatology you believe is the best and if you think we are living in the last days. Thank you. (Note: It appears the first poll on which model of eschatology is the best expired, but I have set it back up again. The results have been rest to zero. The original poll, as I remember, had dispensationalism tied with historicism for the lead. Idealism was the only model which didn’t get any votes)

7/18/2009 A book section has been added to near the bottom of the resource page to assist with further reading on related topics. Books are classified according to which model they support. There is also a rapture section with books classified according to whether they support or oppose the rapture theory. I will be adding book titles to the sections from time to time.

5/16/2009 I have found a new host for the sound files and they all appear to be working again at this point so enjoy a little theme music with your eschatology. Your welcome.

2/13/2009  Just a note to whoever reads the material at this point. I look at the stats often so I know people visit here every day. I am aware that some of the sound links associated various pages are not working and I’m looking for a place to host them from which will allow linking so I can get them working again. Also, I continue to update the resource page and dictionary of terms and once in a while I update one of the model pages when something worth while comes along. That way if I do this study course again in the future I will have better material to work from. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed your visit.

Week 2 -Classic Premillennialism

I appreciate the excellent questions and comments from those of you during the class each week and after it. Having spent a good deal of time in study on this subject area myself this is the first time I have tried to assemble the material as a study course to share with others so you help me to realize the areas I need to spend more time on and how I can better present the material. Keep those questions and comments coming. They are always appreciated and helpful.

Addressing the location of Patmos I am looking for a map of the island relative to the seven churches I can put on the resource page. I will at least put a link to a map or two on it.

I sense from the comments that it would be good for me to create a graphical representation to show how the different models have waxed and waned over a time relative to each other. I can’t promise when that will get done but it is a project I will work on. A graph like that would, of course, have to be fairly subjective in representing how they are waxing and waning, but that shouldn’t stop making the effort.

There was an excellent question after class about which denominations tend to gravitate towards certain models and is a particular translation of the bible associated with a given model. The broad answer to both is yes and I will address this later in the study course and try to make a brief swipe at it next week.

3/5/08 Week 7 Dispensational Premillennialism

Tonight we got about 2/3s of the way through the material on the beginnings of the dispensational model. We will continue with it next week 3/12 and if we have time start the Preterist model.

3/12/08 Week 8

We finished up with the beginnings of the despensational model tonight. There will be a dinner next week and we will continue with the preterist model in two weeks on 3/26.

3/26/08 Week 9

We started the Preterist view tonight; however, we didn’t get all the way through it. Next week we will pick up where Paul has to reassure the Thessalonians that they haven’t missed he Second Coming of Christ.

4/2/08 Week 10

We finished up the overview of Preterism tonight and will look at how Preterists interpret the book of Revelation next week.


Tonight we made it up to where the scrolls start to unfold and will continue there next week.


Tonight we finished up Preterism and will wrap up the study with Continuous Historicism next week.


Tonight we did Continuous Historicism and wrapped up the study course. I will keep the blog up and as time permits work on building out the dictionary, the resource page, and improving the other aspects of the site so that it will be available if I ever need it for such a project again.

Thanks to all of you who attended the study course for being such a great group of people to work with. You made it a pleasure.


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